• Harvey Fresh

    Contemporary country artist, Belle Harvey, has a new single up her sleeve and a long-awaited solo album due for release. Actually, ‘long-awaited’ is something of an understatement.

  • Beautiful, Stranger

    Psychedelic Porn Crumpets will see out 2016 headlining along with POW! Negro, Benjamin Witt, Doctopus, Hamjam and more at the Rosemount Hotel NYE Fiesta. Fancy a bit o’ Crumpet then?

  • Meaningful Sweat


    The Badlands Bar backroom harks back to old-school Perth gigs; small and dimly lit with no stage, it raises a diminutive middle finger to the gentrified pubs and ‘boutique’ venues of modern times.

  • The Rise Of The Record Club

    The Newport Record Club has become a bona fide Thursday night institution in Fremantle as it celebrates a diversity of classic albums.

  • The Reich Stuff

    Feels are a beat-fuelled duo incomparable to all else coming out of Perth right now; their tracks, sculpted with eclectic samples, create a dynamic and ever-changing sound.

  • Never Forget Your Roots

    The Southern River Band have bolted out of the South-Eastern suburbs with a heady mixture of country-flanged rock’n’roll with a bombastic, good-time attitude, red-hot live shows, and in frontman, Callum Kramer, a festival-ready motormouth with a black belt in bogan humour.

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