Yomi Ship harbour all the most interesting of the descriptives that come after the musical catch-all that is ‘rock’.

Instrumental, experimental, art, psychedelic, post and progressive – they are all these and more in spades, but brothers Nick Osborne (drums) and Jarred Osborne (drums) grew up in a musical family founded on some straight up rock’n’roll traditions. As young as 13 they were playing hard rock covers and originals at community festivals and Royal Shows, but evolution was afoot.

“I guess as I got older I started listening to bands that were more demanding in term of drumming,” Nick explains. “Bands like System Of A Down, The Mars Volta, Tool, A Perfect Circle. As I did that Jarred was listening to more guitar-heavy stuff and became a bit of a thrash-boy, into Megadeth, Slayer and the rest of that, then he ventured more into the Pink Floyd, Karnivool-esque type of stuff. We both just sort of matured with our music.”

Local influences played a part too. The Osborne brothers were highly inspired by the “bizarre-esque rhythms and washed out guitar tones” of the likes of Mudlark and Tame Impala.

The nature of Yomi Ship’s songwriting is very freeform and brings home the ideal that from little things big things grow. The notion is that while the initial, simple ideas are worked upon, they remain fresh for all concerned.

“For the most part it starts with a general idea from either me or Jarred,” Nick explains. “So either of us will come up with a simple guitar riff and go, ‘what can we do with this?’ We live in the same house, so it’s very easy for us to talk about that sort of stuff. We have a bit of a chat about what we’re gonna do in theory and then we just jam it out from there as a band.

“Most of it does come from jams; a lot of the songs we play in our set have mostly been played only three or four times before we bring them to the stage so they’re all really fresh when we play them. They’re fresh when we rehearse them… and we don’t rehearse that often, either. That’s the main thing – jamming and keeping it fresh and entertaining for us and that’s how it gets across to the crowd as well.”

Faith, confidence and chemistry are the factors that allow Yomi Ship to operate in such a manner, and while the brothers have had a young lifetime to reach this point, bass player, Jade Champion, has shown an uncanny ability to zero in on any unspoken musical connections

“Jarred and I worked up the really early Yomi Ship stuff and Jade came and tried out and we just locked. And it’s never changed; it’s just been that easy to gel between the three of us.

“Of course, we all make mistakes and that, but none of us really worry about what the other’s doing. She’s basically like our sister; she’s become part of the family.”

Yomi Ship have just released their self-titled debut LP, recorded with Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving keys player, Ron Pollard, at his Studio Sleepwalker’s Dread

facility (Skullcave, PUCK, Hideous Sun Demon) in North Dandalup, east of Mandurah. It’s more a short album, really, 27 minutes with only a few overdubs, evoking what Yomi Ship put out there live. Not too loose, yet not too planned out – the best of both worlds.

Naturally, the EP shows the trio’s many sides. From the complex, Long Man, (“that one tests our time signature changes,” Nick explains, “there’s a lot of dynamic shifts and stops,”) to the simpler, Mudokon (“that’s one of our more digestible ones,”) to the new views encompassed in the two-parter, Passage To Yomi.

“We really enjoy playing that one live,” Nick notes, “it’s a lot of fun. It’s open to interpretation more onstage. We can improvise a little bit more with that one and it’s an example of what we're trying to look for towards the future – in-depth structure with concept-based ideas carrying through.”

2018 will bring more new songs and live shows for Yomi Ship, but it’s not about a to-do list, it’s about the need to play music.

“I try not to generally plan things ahead too far in advance,” Nick says, “and we just try and make music for now and live in the now as well.”

Yomi Ship launch their debut EP at The Odd Fellow on Friday, November 17, with help from Ryan Beno and Post Depression Makeout Session. More details at









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