Pic: Big Splash winners are grinners. Courtesy of Big Splash photographers George, Rachael, Amber and Nick

The Big Bash is here for cricket-lovers but the Big Splash Festival is here for Perth music-lovers at Badlands on Saturday, bringing with it the momentum of the much-beloved band competition that kickstarted a whole bunch of WA bands from 2013-2016 before taking a break this year.

Clearly, the spirit, is alive and well.

“Absolutely,” exclaims Big Splash founder and honcho, Maria Florides. “It’s very much alive and that is what the Big Splash Festival is all about. We want to keep the love going.

“We want to give the opportunity for all the Big Splash friends to see the four winners of the $10,000 cash prize and of course our lovely alumni.”

The show will star Big Splash winners Scalphunter (’13), Hideous Sun Demon (’14), Jacob Diamond (’15) and POW Negro (’16) and fellow go-getters Dream Rimmy, Grievous Bodily Calm and Elli Schoen. It’s a family feeling. Asked if she feels proud of the bands in the family, Florides response say it all…

“I’m getting fucking goosebumps from that question,” she laughs. “I’m very proud of them all, because I can see where they have come since they played in the competition since I saw them all for the first time. The Big Splash Festival is for the bands, it’s another chance for me to show my respect for where they are now by offering all of them not only a fee for their performance, but also an equal share of all the profits.

“Consider this a call to all Big Splash lovers and fans, come and show your support on Saturday.”

The Big Splash band competition will return in 2018. Florides will be announcing full details at the show. 

The Big Splash Festival happens at Badlands this Saturday, December 16, features Grievous Bodily Calm, Elli Schoen, Dream Rimmy, Scalphunter, Hideous Sun Demon, Jacob Diamond and POW Negro. 

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